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More Canadians Shopping Online

December 21, 2011

According to a recent article, more Canadians are shopping online.

Just over half of all Canadian web surfers bought something online in 2010, according to Statistics Canada. But even more – nearly three-quarters – browsed the web for information on products and services.Canadians spent $15.3 billion online, or about $1,362 per person, mainly on hotels, airline tickets, concerts and theatrical events, and other merchandise.

Eight in 10 shopped on Canadian sites and nine out of 10 paid with credit cards, StatsCan also said.

The most popular to purchase online are tablets, smart TVs, eReaders, small appliances, headphones and video games.

Happy to report that according to theses Comscore statistics, the top online shopping sites in Canada include a few of FundScrip’s participating retailers:

Indigo Chapters >> 30 per cent

BestBuy / Future Shop >> 22 per cent

Canadian Tire >> 15 per cent

Sears >> 13 per cent

*figures above represent percentage of Internet users that visited those sites in November, 2011*

Since many of FundScrip’s participating retailers also include gift cards as a method of payment online, we expect that a good number of those online orders were paid with gift cards purchased through FundScrip ;)

How about you? Are you purchasing more online? If yes, what are you buying? Comments welcome!

Source: Comscore

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