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Recurring orders – the best way to raise money with FundScrip

March 11, 2014

Calendar Recurring

Do you tend to order the same gift cards from FundScrip when your groups’ order deadline comes around?

Why not make your life super easy by setting up a Recurring Order.

All you need to do is to choose your gift cards, check them out, place your order, confirm your payment and then click on “Make this a recurring order” link in the green bar or on the button at the bottom of the page.

By doing this, you will authorize FundScrip to place this order on your behalf every time your group has an order deadline. You’ll never forget to place your order again and your group will benefit from the money you raise from every order date they have scheduled in their campaign.

You’ll even receive an email confirming that your recurring order has been placed – how convenient is that!

If you want to modify or cancel your recurring order, you can stop it at anytime by going to the “Your Activity” section of this site, clicking on “View Recurring Order”, and then clicking the “Cancel Recurring Order” button.

Do you already take advantage of FundScrip’s Recurring Order feature? Let us and others know if it works well for you.

It should: because you are

January 10, 2014

Does being a FundScrip Supporter make you feel like a donor?
It should: because you are.

Every time you purchase a gift card from FundScrip, you are donating money to your group, cause or team. Remember that.

Be a Donor

Fundraising motto for 2014

January 8, 2014


This quote was found on Pinterest. For more inspirational quotes feel free to take a look at (and Pin) FundScrip’s Great Quotes board.

I am only one – I cannot do everything

December 19, 2013

FundScrip is privileged to see first hand the power of how many “only one’s” can do, as supporter donations approach the $10 million dollars raised.

On behalf of all FundScrip groups – Thank you for your support in 2013!

Happy Holiday’s from the entire FundScrip Team

The Best Gift Cards To Buy This Season

December 11, 2013

The Best Gift Cards To Get Absolutely Anyone… and the best thing is you can find 10 of these retailer gift cards at FundScrip

List includes FundScrip participating retailers such as:

  • HBC
  • Indigo Chapters Coles
  • Starbucks
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Cineplex Odeon

and more!  See the entire list of the best gift cards on this Huffington Post Canada post.

Une façon géniale pour expliquer votre campagne de financement

December 10, 2013

Un gros merci à la Fondation de l’école Saint-Gérard pour avoir produit se vidéo qui explique leur campaign de financement avec notre programme de collecte de fonds par la vente de carte-cadeau.


Future-proof your fundraiser with an end-of-campaign or follow-up message

December 9, 2013


Whether you are a novice or a veteran FundScrip Group Administrator, you are most certainly aware that that your work isn’t completely done at the point where your order date closes or even when the group’s earnings cheque has been issued, right?

Yes, you achieved (we hope) your fundraising goal but you can’t leave everyone who helped your cause hanging there with no follow up news. Your supporters need deserve to hear from you one more time (at the very least). This message is a must-have for both event-based Administrator Ordering campaigns or ongoing/long-term Supporter Ordering campaigns. That is, if you ever intend to contact them in the future about other fundraisers.

For FundScrip Group Administrators, it’s as easy as logging in and using the Group Broadcast tool in the FundScrip Program Manager to send supporters a message which wraps up the campaign but also leaves the door open for subsequent fundraising efforts.

Here a few points of interest which could help you compose a great end of campaign or campaign follow up message:

  1. Reiterate your group’s fundraising goal > the reason why you needed to fundraise in the first place;
  2. Explain how much of a difference your supporters have made to your group > where their money is going;
  3. Give acknowledgement to the highest-ranking supporters in your campaign > there are always a few fundraising champions;
  4. Extend words of praise to your indispensable volunteers > again, there are always volunteer rock stars;
  5. Thank your supporters for their donations and for supporting your cause > gently hinting for support in the future.

The act of “keeping your supporters in the loop” is a simple and effective way to future-proof your fundraising efforts. Try it for yourself!


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